View Full Version : Update borked display on SB3

2009-09-13, 09:05
I fired up an SB3 that hadn't been used in 6 mo. or so and it proceeded to install an update--everything seemed fine, display worked normally. After the update, however, most of the top part of the VFD is gone--just black. The bottom 1/8" or so works fine, but the rest of the top of the letters are cut off.

Any way of forcing the SB3 to do the update again? If that doesn't work, any way to revert back to the prior version and continue running? The SB3 says it is firmware 127.

Any other ideas?

(edit: I should note that I did do the factory settings and audio resets--power off, "add", power on, power off, "1", power on. No joy there.)

2009-09-16, 17:30
I'd guess if you did a complete (and correct) Factory Reset and that did not resolve the issue I'd suggest you contact tech support.
Did you confirm a complete Factory Reset by checking it's FW version was indeed not the latest version that was just installed?

2009-09-16, 21:35
The update probably had nothing to do with it. Unplug it for a few hours and see if it goes away after cooling down. If so, its a failed display and will need to be serviced.