View Full Version : Is it possible to imbed one playlist into another?

2009-09-12, 23:44
I may not be asking the question correctly in the thread title. Here's what I'm trying to figure out: I primarily listen to random Dynamic Playlists. My most used playlist is one that plays random songs with heavy emphasis on highly rated songs using Custom Skip.

Sometimes when people are over I'll get a request for something generic, like "Can you play some seventies music?" Rather than completely ditch the current playlist, I would like to be able to add a short random 70s playlist (say 5-10 songs, using the same skip filter) to satisfy the request, then return to the "main" playlist.

Is this possible?

2009-09-13, 01:09
I think you should be able to insert a single song or single album by holding Add button down for a while, this issue an "insert" command for the selected song or album.

I'm not sure if it also works to select another Dynamic Playlist playlist, but please try it and reply if it works or not so I know.

2009-09-13, 19:35
Well, it doesn't really imbed it, at least I don't think that is what's happening.

When I add another playlist to the current one, it shows up as a single separate item just like a song. New items from the currently playing playlist even appear after the imbedded playlist, but once the imbedded playlist is reached SC basically treats it as a brand new playlist...all of the tracks from the old playlist are gone.

I guess it works ok. The imbedded playlist initially was populated with 5 tracks. I immediately added the original playlist to the mix, and once the 5 new tracks were finished another "new" playlist began. Again, all the previously played tracks were erased.

The biggest negative is that since I use crossfade, the new playlist abruptly cuts off the last track 10 seconds before the end (which is when I have crossfade set to begin) and starts the new playlist.

Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I guess it will do in a pinch.