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2009-09-12, 11:49
Is there a way to add the internet radio stations from SqueezeNetwork to NON SqueezeNetwork favorites? I can't figure out how to get all favorites including playlists and radio stations into one favorites section, so I don't have to switch between music sources and scroll around on the controller.

I'm pretty sure I did this before, but can't get it right.


One Duet, One SB3, Windows XP home.

2009-09-12, 12:17
Sure. Copy the URL into the Internet Radio>Tune in URL window in Squeezecenter.

2009-09-12, 15:42
Are the URL's available somewhere within SqueezeNetwork or elsewhere in a form that can be copied? I've tried to find this, but can only see them on the controller,and in SqueezeNetwork, and in both places they are not able to be copied and pasted.

2009-09-12, 17:04
Did you try getting the URLs by opening the streams using a music player (Winamp, etc)? Or a browser?

2009-09-12, 17:34
With a Squeezebox if you push the Right Arrow on the controller after you get a station you like then push the Down Arrow once or twice you will see the URL.