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2004-06-24, 16:49
Upgrade to the latest nightly, it fixes several of the problems you are

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I've had my (wired) Squeezebox for a month or two now and I haven't been
real happy with it thus far.

* I see a lot of "lost connection" messages when I'm navigating, playing
back, turning it on/off, etc. I haven't put a cable tester on this
piece of cable but my home network is, as far as I've observed,
totally solid otherwise so I don't think this is a network problem.
My fileserver is only a PII/400 running Red Hat 8. It's not
really doing anything else so it's quite idle.

* The web interface seems ... dicey. Sometimes I'll queue up a lot
of songs and then when I revisit the web interface, all I can see
is the song that's currently playing. That's too bad since overall
I find the web interface much more usable than navigating a big
music collection with a small 1-line display and a sort-of-slow
remote control. (though I still find navigating well-laid-out
folders in Windows Explorer the fastest way to navigate mp3's.)

My library is not ridiculously big -- 689 artists, 25,200 songs, about 77

I'm running firmware version 10, and server version 5.1.5.
Do I need to goof around with nightly builds?

Sidenote: I'm certainly capable of doing local builds and trying different
firmware and all that but I was really hoping to treat this thing as an
appliance. I find myself *not* using it because the slowness and the
disconnects make it frustrating.

So far I'd rather have a mini-ATX PC in my AV rack that I could control with
a laptop or whatever. Huh.

Not intended as a flame at all -- I really want to love this thing!

scott evans :: www.antisleep.com