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2009-09-10, 22:56

Although previous releases of SqueezeCenter already announced a resolution for this issue I am still struggling with getting special characters in file and directory names working with the iTunes integration of SqueezeCenter.

I am using iTunes on Windows Vista 64 and am copying the iTunes files to a Windows share of my Linux-based Synology DS-408 NAS, which runs the SqueezeCenter 7.3.3 package from Synology. I changed the SqueezeCenter.sh start file manually to add the parameter "--charset utf8" after which the SqueezeCenter information page shows UTF8 as operating system encoding.

The file names arrive fine on the NAS, all tools display them correctly. Also with the normal scan function of SqueezeCenter all files are recognized correctly. However, when I use iTunes integration instead, all files with special characters like German umlauts in the file or directory name are being omitted. In the log file I see the following error for each file (after switching on debug output):

[09-09-10 22:56:17.1932] Slim::Plugin::iTunes::Importer::handleTrack (335) File not found: /F:/Music/iTunes/Herbert Grönemeyer/live/16 Marie.mp3

I would appreciate any hints on how I could approach this issue.

Actually I would already greatly appreciate anybody telling me that she or he as the same issue. Would make me feel less lonely and desperate about this. ;-)

Thanks and regards, Robert

2009-09-11, 01:23
Possibly related bugs:
Bug 9126 - --charset=utf8 does not pick up accented characters

Bug 10414 - Squeezecenter 7.3 cannot import from itunes songs with accents in file names

Bug 12188 - Track files in the same folder, with the same ID3 tags, but with special characters - are split into several albums

2009-09-11, 01:31
> Bug 10414 - Squeezecenter 7.3 cannot import from itunes songs with
> accents in file names

This might be it: while we're good on Windows/OSX where iTunes runs
natively, parsing seems to be problematic on Linux boxes. Please update
the above bug with your additional information. Thanks!

2009-09-11, 13:55

Thanks for the hints, I logged my info with Bug 10414.

Regards, Robert