View Full Version : Waveinput on M-Audio Delta

2009-09-10, 21:42
Card: M-Audio Delta 410
OS: XP Pro
SC: 7.3.3
Waveinput: installed via ED

I can not click the volume button on "Sound Recording" - grayed out no matter what device I select.

If I command line and use -l I get four devices
"Delta 410 Monitor"
"Delta 410 1/2"
"Delta 410 Multi"
"Delta 410 SPDIF"

I don't seem to be getting any sound from wavin:0 (or any other number for that matter) --- does anyone know how to get this working with an M-Audio card, or have any suggestions?

2009-09-10, 23:42
The best way to check whether it is possible - is to use the MS Accessory Recorder to record the audio to a file. If you can find the "device" that can be recorded and the "device" supplies the audio stream - then an appropriate argument for waveinput can determined.

However it is possible the card's driver just doesn't support the record audio stream feature. However the feature may be disabled by default, in which case you may need to go into card driver settings to enable the feature or edit a driver associated file which means searching on other websites/forums for help.