View Full Version : I have a dream...

2009-09-10, 07:39
..... a unique system able to manage all my home media.

Currently I'm using:
- a SC+SB3 to organize and play my music
- kphotoalbum (http://www.kphotoalbum.org/) to tag, organize and visualize
photos on my laptop
- xbmc (http://www.xbmc.org/) to organize and play videos on my laptop

As I'm using my stereo amplifier to play the music through the SB3, I'd
like to see photos and watch videos using the TV.

Focusing only on the photos, with the new Touch apparatus now we have an
USB. Are also commercially available USB to HDMI converters
(for example http://www.grand.com.tw/con_HD_cinema.php?menu=2), so ....

what do you think about the possibility to add to Squeezecenter the ability
to tag and organize the photo in a database as kphotoalbum does, and
transmit them to the Touch in order to visualize them on TV through its USB
+ an external HDMI converter?


2009-09-10, 09:24
it exists already out there in a variety of programs.

If you really want to collect all of your media in one place and control it through that one interface then i recommend you check out Boxee or Plex.

Both of these free media server software programs give you control over video, music and photos.

I've been using both of these programs for awhile and they both have strong points. i don't incorporate the music into either of them though because I'm happy controlling all of my music through squeezecenter.

oh, and both boxee and plex are fully controlled through my itouch.