View Full Version : Syncing 'Touch' With 'Radio' or 'Boom'

2009-09-09, 18:22
First, I'm really glad there is finally SD/USB direct file support in a SqueezeBox (SB) since I really don't want my PC up and running at times when I'm listening to music.

My question is about the syncing from a 'Touch' to another SB (from what I've read on the product page - "Fill the house with music"). Will it be actually possible for the 'Touch' to send the currently playing song (whether it's from a network/Internet source OR from a SD/USB) to another SB - like the Boom or Radio? I'd like to have the Touch in my bedroom which could be connected to my receiver/speakers - but when I'm in the kitchen/dining room I'd like to listen to music on a SB with built-in speakers since I don't want a big theater setup in those rooms. So, is this actual use case possible? - I really want to send USB/SD data from the Touch to either the Boom or Radio in another room.


2009-09-09, 19:48
Yes, Touch will act as a server for any recent SB player.

2009-09-09, 20:00
sweet! - thanks - now waiting on someone from craigslist to make me an offer for my bose wave radio.