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2009-09-09, 01:41
I have a Duet system running on a Netgear ReadyNas Duo

I downloaded the Customer Browse plugin 2 months ago and set it up work properly...Excellent

The feature I have used is the 'Artist by Letter' menu option, and was able to replace the standard ' Artist' in the top menu.

No I have some problems.
After resetting the system due to change of WLAN encryption set up, I have they overall system up and running......the only thing I have lost is the earlier added Customer Browse menu.

The 'Artist by Letter' menu disappeared.

I have tried to reload the Customer Browser plugin .. to try to start from scratch...worked fine............. and the following happens when I tried to add the 'Artist by Letter' menu.

I go to 'Manage Menus'
select 'Create New Menu'
Select 'Artist by Letter' menu which I find under category 'Latest version of builtin menus'
The template appears
Why try to add/save the following error message appear:
'No Customer dir configured'

What has happend with my 'Artist by Letter' menu and how can I fix this?

(Heja Sverige)

2009-09-09, 09:03
You will need to point the "Browse configuration directory" parameter in the Custom Browse main settings page to a directory where you want your Custom Browse menu configurations to be stored. It's set to the playlist directory by default, but I suppose you might not have a playlist directory configured. It's recommended to point it somewhere outside the SqueezeCenter installation dir so it doesn't get deleted by accident during upgrades or re-installations.

You might need to restart SqueezeCenter for the changes to take effect.