View Full Version : Still Necessary To Delete Preference Panes On New SqueezeCenter Software Install?

2009-09-08, 18:20
The following instructions were emailed to me in April 09 on how to do a clean install:

"Remove any of the following files and folders:

- Home > Library > Application Support > SqueezeCenter Folder
- Home > Library > PreferencePanes > SqueezeCenter.prefPane
- Home > Library > Caches > SqueezeCenter folder
- Macintosh HD > Library > PreferencePanes > SqueezeCenter.prefPane (may or may not exist)"

Unfortunately, since this removes all my preferences, it takes 1.5 hours to reenter all my preferences as I own 4 devices (3 SqueezeBox Classics and 1 Transporter).

I would like to install Snow Leopard and I know that the new 7.3.4 update (I am on 7.3.3) will make SqueezeCenter compatible with Snow Leopard but I dread taking all this extra time to reenter my preferences.

Do I have to delete all the above preference folders and panes or is there a new method to install an update?

General Question: why can't a software update be a lot easier?

Thank you.

2009-09-08, 23:29
Those are instructions for a clean install, which avoids any potential problems.

You can just try an upgrade install, which is more likely to work than not. If you do turn out to have problems you can always reinstall as a clean install.

Alternatively, if you move the Application Support, SqueezeCenter folder rather than deleting it, you could try a clean install and then moving things back gradually.

2009-09-09, 09:39
Thanks Danco

I am planning to wait another week or two before installing Snow Leopard to give others time to play with it and work out the bugs.

I have done 2 - 3 prior clean installs of SqueezeCenter. The last time I did it, I left a note to myself "DO NOT update SC unless absolutely necessary!". I have multiple screen shots of my preferences to make life easier but it still takes 1.5 hours to reenter all of them for my 4 devices.

I will post the results of NOT doing a clean install when I update to Snow Leopard and 7.3.4 in a few weeks.

2009-09-24, 18:31
Yesterday I installed Snow Leopard and Squeeze 7.3.4.

Before doing anything, I copied (my user name)/Library/Application Support/SqueezeCenter Folder to a Flash Drive. I then installed SL and 7.3.4.

When the clean install of 7.3.4 finished, I stopped the Squeeze server. I then opened the above SqueezeCenter Folder on my Flash Drive and found the file "server.prefs". I moved this file to the new SqueezeCenter Folder on my computer and did a "replace". I then started the server.

Success! All my settings for all 4 devices made it! Everything works great and no more tedious resetting of all my preferences. What a time saver.