View Full Version : external usb drive and iTunes playlists?

2009-09-08, 10:42
I was wondering if the new Squeezebox Touch is capable of finding iTunes playlists on a USB drive plugged into its nifty USB slot? I'd love to be able to remove the computer from my Squeezebox equation and am wondering if the new Squeezebox Touch is capable of the following:

Scanning the contents of a USB drive and finding not only the music and album artwork, but also the iTunes playlists (or other playlists for that matter) and then offering up your music, album artwork and playlists, all without the need for a computer.

Reading through the forums I know its capable of finding the music and pretty sure it can find album artwork but haven't read anywhere that it can find your music playlists or if you can add to or modify those playlists like you can via SqueezeCenter and on the SC remote.

2009-09-23, 14:15
Okay... to rephrase my question.

Given the following standard setup:
Computer running SC
WD MyPassport USB powered external drive with mp3 files and iTunes playlists
SBR capable of seeing and playing music from USB drive through SC on the computer.

Can the yet to be released SBTouch take the computer out of the equation and directly access the USB drive AND see the iTunes playlists? or would I have to manually create new playlists from the SBTouch itself?

I'd love to get a SBTouch and free up my computer from the system while still having the ability to use it to occasionally alter playlists or create new ones via Genius etc. through iTunes.