View Full Version : Internet stations cut out .

2009-09-08, 05:33
Every once in a while (more often than I would like,of course), the internet station that I am listening to just stops. It doesn't happen too frequently but it will happen if the station is on long enough. I wait and wait to see if it rebuffers but I most often have to restart the station with the remote. I was wondering if there is a setting to automatically start a rebuffering process to re-connect to the station? I habe my buffering setting at 30 as was recommended to me in earlier threads. I listen to the stations with SN almost always. Thanks. It happens to my Boom and to my SB3. Both are not real close to the router...but then again not real far either. Thanks.

2009-09-08, 05:41
Does this happen with all stations, some stations, or just repeatedly with one station? If it happens with one or just a few stations, do they have alternate streams that you could try? For example, for a while I was getting dropouts with my local NPR station, but then I tried one of their other streams (same programming, different streaming format) and things cleared up.

2009-09-08, 08:26
After you start playing the troublesome station, add that same station again to your Playlist. Your Playlist is now two of the same station, when one stream stops your player (SN) will start the next item in the Playlist, which is the same station.

If this is a random problem on a few stations this is a quick fix. If it is a general problem on many stations then you likely have other issues that need to be resolved.

2009-09-08, 09:37
Thanks for the responses. I will pay more attention to see if it does tend to happen on just the same stations and not on others....from what I can tell, it does seem to be the same ones all the time and I do not think there are other streams for them...most are out of the USA. Also, Toby, I will try to duplicate the stations consecutively in the play list. I believe I tried that before and it didnt move down the line as I thought it would. I'll retry....thanks.