View Full Version : Synchronization on the Touch?

2009-09-07, 18:25
As I read a bit about the touch, I wonder how well it synchronizes? It "appears" it is very similar to the controller, which I recall is more like a "software" player, and therefore doesn't synch as accurately as a "hardware" player. Is the touch truly a "hardware" player but with "controller" software? Can the beta testers chime in on the synch performance?

2009-09-07, 23:11
Synchronization will be perfect on the Touch. (there are other issues with the Controller.)

2009-09-08, 18:30
Is syncing on the controller a lost cause? I'm hoping the spinning wheel of frustration will get some love out of this.

Matt Wise
2009-09-08, 18:51
Just to add a bit to this ... I've been a bit of a pain in the rear to Alan about Sync with Squeezeplay-based players recently -- I very regularly sync a Radio and Boom together, so if its not perfect I give him a bit of a hard time. :)

The sync takes about a half second to become perfect (at the beginning of the song) but after that it seems to be spot-on. I actually have the Radio and Boom in the same room and the audio is just perfectly-on-time. FYI this is syncing FLAC over WiFi on both players...

2009-09-14, 06:40
Is syncing on the controller a lost cause?

I think that it is most-likely a lost cause. There are hardware issues which probably cannot be resolved. If you time a controller you will find that it does not actually play at the correct speed.