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2009-09-07, 14:17
Hello all, new forum member here, and have a few questions...
I'm really intersted in the newly announced Squeezebox Radio, but before I pre-ordered it, i'd like to know if it can do certain things..
In order to stream music from my computer, do I need to run any seperate software on my computer? Right now I have a Roku Soundbridge Radio, and it is compatible with the Windows Media Connect technology, which means if Windows Media Player(for Vista 64bit) "sees" the audio, and I've configured WMP to share it with the device, then the Roku will play it. I'll see my computers name on the display, and I can connect to it. In order to play DRM'd ZunePass songs I also have Orb(from orb.com) software running on my PC and have it pointed to my ZunePass folder to share. In addition to being able to stream the songs at mycast.orb.com I can connect to the orb "server" and play my DRM'd songs on my Roku.
Can anyone tell me if Squeezebox's support this?

I tried searching through the forums for this, but can't seem to find anything...

2009-09-07, 16:41
Welcome to the SB forums. At this time the SB system does not support playback of any type of DRM'd music. Also, it uses SqueezeCenter (aka Squeezebox Server) software to stream music to the players, not Windows Media Connect. The protocols are completely different, so you could not stream to a Squeezebox using Windows Media Connect.

2009-09-07, 17:08
If I am not mistaken, the Roku unit will run off of SC. So just download the current version from the wesite and try out SC with your Roku. It will not play DRM files but you could see if you like the SC interface.

2009-09-07, 22:13
just to clarify, the Roku won't play DRM'd files either... thats why i have to play them using ORB....does Squeezebox support orb?

Paul Webster
2009-09-08, 00:44
Orb is a UPnP server - so it does not work natively with the Squeezebox range.
There was talk about having a sort of UPnP proxy facility that transported protocol info to SqueezeNetwork for interpretation and action ... but I haven't checked to see if this made recent progress.

The new Squeezebox Touch (due to go on sale at the start of December) has a mini SqueezeCenter (aka TinySC) built in ... but I don't think I've seen a statement about the UPnP code has been trimmed out.
If it has remained then it could be your saviour.
In any case - the Touch can be used without other computers being turned on - since it can have USB (or SD) disk attached.