View Full Version : I always lose my playlist. Retrievability?

2009-09-05, 17:04
Many times while on SN I will accidentally add something to the playlist and find that I have lost the entire listings. Is there any way to save the playlist on SN so that all of those stations/etc can be retrieved? I know it can be done with SC but I usually use SN without the PC on. Can the lists be saved on SC and then be copied and pasted someway into SN? Thank you.

2009-09-06, 08:48
Nope. At present best you can do on SN is add those items as Favorites to keep them.

2009-09-06, 18:43
Ok Thanks Toby. I wish there was a warning when I played one selection that was going to bump my playlist...if you know what I mean...like "are you sure you want to play this piece that will bump your playlist?" Oh well...I'm getting spoiled by the GREAT features and awesome technology of the Squeeze System. I will be more careful.