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Joshua R. Smith
2004-06-22, 18:26
I'm afraid you might have to walk me through a little more on this one.

I made a file called "Radio4.ram" with that line of text you gave to me.

This file is located in ~/music/playlists/AlienStream

In Slimserver it does not locate that file. I did rescan the music

What am I missing?


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Hi Josh.

I've just about got Alienstream running on my Linux Install (still not
exactly stable... and although streams play... it says 'connecting...'

However... the playlist format I used was like this:

[jules@store AlienStream]$ more Radio4.ram

(that is - a file called 'Radio4.ram', which contains the single line
I dragged that out of the source for the BBC Radio Player for the live
4 stream.

For what it's worth... I don't know if AlienStream is being actively
developed... but for my mind, the single greatest addition that could be
made to SlimServer would be to be able to play all of the BBC content.
that end - I think I've cracked enough HTML parsing to browse and select
streams from the BBC site that could be ported into a Plugin (in much
same fashion that the ShoutCast plugin works).

However... I'm definately _NOT_ the man to make Alienstream itself work
itself. I might manage to insert it into the existing Alienstream.pm
file -
but I think it still needs some work before it's a production-quality

-- Jules

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> I have installed alienstream (I think correctly) on a linux box. It
> not clear to me how to set up a playlist for it. I created a playlist
> folder called AlienStream and created a .pls file as the slimserver
> instructions tells you for the bbc world service. Slimserver seems to
> read the pls, but it wont play.
> I know this may not be the correct forum for this, but if anyone has
> this running properly Id appreciate some advice perhaps an example
> a working stream.
> Thanks!
> Josh
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