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2004-06-22, 12:51

Thanks. for someone new to this, reading this forum can scare you away
unless you understand
that many are on the bleeding edge. I can't afford to buy another device
that I have to spend
lots of time tweaking to get it work and to keep it working. I do enough of
that already with my
several computers!


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This discussion board is for people on the bleeding edge. While I like to
read it, I'm using the standard distribution software, and it has always
worked perfectly - never a hiccup.

To the list administrators - I strongly urge a message tagged at the end of
each email noting this!


On Jun 22, 2004, at 10:10 AM, mikelis8 wrote:

> I have a question for everyone. With all the issues I read about in
> this forum with squeezebox, slimserver and more, why would I ever
> consider owning one? When I first heard about the device, I was all
> excited to purchase it, but then I started reading the hundreds of
> messages posted about problems folks are having and now I have second
> thoughts. It sounds like way too much trouble to bother with.
> James