View Full Version : pausing while playing a mp3

Johnathan Hershbaum
2004-06-22, 12:54
Hi All
I just Updated to 2.6 of the firmware.
I am using the 22 June Update

When playing mp3's ...The pause problem sill occurs on my system
When you pause the mp3 for a few minutes and resume...The buffer which
is full empties and it stops playing

I am using xp with a 2.6gig processor 256 megs ram...

Best regards,
Johnathan mailto:johnathan (AT) baps (DOT) com

Michel Fombellida
2004-06-22, 13:53

I have the same with WAV, AIFF and Apple Lossless. My understanding from the
various messages posted until now about firmware 26 is that it seems that the
bug was solved on most platforms but not XP.