View Full Version : Native AAC for SB3 & Boom for use with Touch server?

2009-09-03, 14:08
Given that the Touch won't transcode, is there still no chance of native AAC support on the SB3 / Classic or Boom? If the issue is available space for further codecs in the firmware, what about "selectable" codec sets, so that a user could (say...) select any 3 from FLAC / MP3 / WMA / AAC??? Or even (getting really adventurous) dynamically loading codecs?

I'm really drawn to the Touch as a replacement for my ageing server, but have a load of non-DRM AAC music which would become a deal-breaker.

In hope


2009-09-04, 02:13
No, the Touch won't let you stream AAC to any of the IP3K players.

The idea of having selectable codecs has been discussed before, but it isn't really possible. The firmware for the IP3K players is monolithic, so you can't just load a module when needed. It's also been said that the codec portion of the firmware is already the most complicated and relatively fragile, adding more features to that would be a bad idea.

At the time, the SB2 was an incredibly flexible system. All these years later and it is still being extended and enhanced. However it really has reached its limit, the new players take flexibility to the next level.

It doesn't sound like Touch would be suitable for you. Or you could manually transcode everything to a supported format :)

2009-09-04, 02:16
Your next best option would be to replace the SB3/Boom by a Touch/Radio since Touch/Radio decode AAC natively and will work with Touch as a server.

2009-09-04, 13:21
Oh well - worth the question but I understand the issues. Replacement with Touch and Radio is a pretty costly proposition for four SB3s and one Boom so I think I'll pass on that idea!

Thanks for the answers....


Phil Leigh
2009-09-05, 05:13
Well the simplest, zero-cost option is to convert all of your aac tracks to flac.
Can be done in a couple of clicks with Foobar 2000... (will take a while though, depending on how large your library is).