View Full Version : 5.2 release candidate w/ firmware v.26

2004-06-22, 12:35
Hate to be a me too but...
06/21 Nightly; v26 Firmware on wired Squeezebox. Server running on Win2k with perl scripts using Active Perl.

128kbps-192kbps encoded mp3s paused for more than ~35-45 seconds then press play again and the buffer plays out before stopping. Have to press play to get it going, and it starts over on that particular track.

"Daryle A. Tilroe" <daryle (AT) micralyne (DOT) com> wrote:
Robert Wallace wrote:

> Like Michael, My Squeezebox won't restart Paused music after around 35
> seconds of pause.
> Win XP Home; 06/21 Nightly; v26 Firmware;

Same here except with XP Pro. I note that this does *NOT* occur
with softsqueeze so it could be some interaction between the
squeezebox firmware and the server. On the server silm.exe is using
a few cycles but flac is totally idle; so it is not even trying
to stream anything.

Daryle A. Tilroe