View Full Version : A video of your Squeezebox Touch / Radio please

Paul Webster
2009-09-03, 12:45
Now that we have moved into the full colour era - how about some videos from the beta folks showing the new Touch and Radio in action?

2009-09-08, 18:44
I'm working on a Touch video...

2009-09-09, 06:00
OK, here's a quick video of the SB Touch (as it currently stands with beta firmware). Please excuse the less than great picture quality, turns out filming video of screens is harder than I thought :)

SB Touch Video Walkthrough (http://www.adamreeve.com/files/slim/Touch.wmv)

Paul Webster
2009-09-09, 06:25
Great - well done.
I was going to put a link to it ... but ... maybe if you convert/upload to YouTube and then folks like to that it might be better (for your bandwidth limits) - plus will be searchable etc.

2009-09-09, 07:09
Bandwidth isn't really an issue, but I'll put it on YouTube tonight. Just wanted to get an OK from the Logitech folks before making it public, it was quicker just to throw it on my server this morning.

2009-09-09, 07:11
Nice choice of music. :)