View Full Version : Use SOX for Digital Room Correction & Equalization

2009-09-03, 06:26
A couple of functions I miss in my Squeezebox Duet are Digital Room Correction (DRC) and Equalizer (EQ).

I know that Squeezecenter uses SOX for sample rate conversion.
I also know that SOX has equalization and FIR filter functions.

So I thought that it would be nice to use more of SOX possibilities in Squeezecenter and then we could have DRC and EQ functions within our squeezeboxes.

Are there any experts here that can comment on making DRC or EQ functionality available in Squeezebox?

2009-09-03, 06:30
I know very little about DRC, but the Inguz DRC plugin does both DRC and EQ. It requires SC to be running on a fairly powerful computer.