View Full Version : Updates for Meridian IR Control (and for anyone that wants to borrow changes)

2009-09-02, 20:37
I've updated the Meridian IR with a few features.


1) Home menu can now have a toggle Meridian Power.
2) When using the SBC as a hand held player the IR Codes are not sent out (on the Volume Buttons/Wheel) which gets rid of the noise in the headphones.
3) Applied all changes to Build 7335. Using SBC as player does not work as good as 6038 did. They will get it eventually it is still considered beta.

They made significant changes in Volume.Lua (and didn't fix the bug I reported and actually made it worse in my opinion). Volume Up does not have the same behavior as Down. I have it working correctly for IR but the Display is a little more confusing now (it was never correct any way but when you press up IR will go out as it did before but display will not go up, but if press down it will). But if you hold and repeat or use wheel it will update display.

I looked into adding an Icon for the Meridian stuff but it's not very modular. It's kept in a completely different module (for skins). The Applet itself does not supply the icon (yet anyway). I put in commented out code that is step in the right direction. I'll have to query developers.