View Full Version : Player stops after a few songs are played...

2009-09-02, 10:27
I am running 7.3.3 of slimserver on a win2k3 server box. I have been successfully running slimserver for over three years on this box. I have upgraded over the years, as new versions have become available.
Everything has worked well. With version 7.3.3 and a version or two before it, I have noticed that I can no longer get an album to play all the way through, without the player stopping. Typically, it will play two or three songs and then the device will display the next song to be played but will say "Stopped...".
I have tried a fresh install of the software, and I have also tried hardwiring the device directly into my network. So I know this is not some issue with wireless connectivity.
Anyway, this is really annoying problem and I see no way around it. It has made the device pretty useless.

What's up? What changed? Is there some magic config setting I am missing?

2009-09-02, 12:27
What are you playing (music from own library, internet radio, Rhapsody, Slacker, etc.) when the music stops? Are the stops always between tracks, ie, not stopping in the middle of a track? What type of SB? If it's one of the players that can be controlled by infrared remote (pretty much anything except the SB Duet Receiver) is there any chance that it's picking up stray IR signals from another device, such as a tv or amp remote?

2009-12-05, 22:11
I am seeing the same behavior with a SqueezeBox Boom. Firmware Ver 50. When connected to rhapsody through my squeezebox.com it plays 2 or three songs of a playlist and as it switches to the next song I see the name of the song, but it says stopped and the buffer reads zero.