View Full Version : Vortexbox Appliance help?

2009-09-02, 08:31
Got a VBA for my b'day and it's up and running, feeding an SB3 and a Duet. There are a couple things, though, that have me flummoxed and I'd really appreciate any help.

First thing, I'm having trouble getting to the VBA GUI. When I go to <VBAip>:9000, I go straight into the VBA's SqueezeCenter. How do I get to the VBA's GUI?

Second (and sussing out the questions above probably fixes this), how do I adjust the VBA's time shown on the SB3? I'm CST, but the player shows EST when using the VBA as the music source. Sounds like I can adjust it via the GUI, once I can get to the GUI.

Any help much appreciated ... thanks very much!

Teus de Jong
2009-09-02, 08:56
Just typing 'vortexbox' or <VBAip> in the address bar will bring you where you want.