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2009-09-01, 19:10
I have a favorite radio channel ChillDAB (UK) helpmechill.com. The URL in my favorites is http://mediaweb.musicradio.com/playlist.asx?streamid=55. Out of the clear blue, if I load the channel, it starts to buffer and stops at "Buffering 59%". It goes no further than this and will stay frozen at this point forever. I cannot listen via helpmechill.com either since I am in the UK. Any ideas what is going on? Is this a constraint on listening since I am not in the UK? Thanks,

2009-09-01, 19:30
I am not sure of all the details but there has been some shake up at my favorite radio - sad.
I should have poked around more before posting. END

2009-09-01, 19:52
Are you playing via squeezecenter ?

If you go to internetradio and "search" and search for "chill"

I find this AAC stream


(Or this ?

http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s53084&formats=aac,mp3,wma,wmpro,wmvoice,wmvideo,ogg&partnerId=16 )

But it is AAC and you have to use squeezecenter

2009-09-01, 19:58
He He I can listen trough squeezecenter but NOT my webbrowser as I'm living in Sweden so they limit this to uk somehow, but not via radio time and squeezecenter.
Can be that I'm have my squeezenetwork settings country to "uk" to be able to use deezer and last.fm