View Full Version : Slimp3 dies after third remote click

2009-09-01, 14:29
I have the original Slimp3 device on firmware 2.3 running squeezecenter 7.3.3 on Windows XP. This set up has been working for almost a decade. Since yesterday, an interesting problem has crept up - the slimp player crashes (the display blanks out) on the 3rd click from my sony v201 remote.

It is repeatable. I power cycle, the slimp3 player goes through the dhcp/find slim server bit. Once the main menu is reached, I get two clicks on the remote before things go dark. I have done this numerable times. One on occasion, the display became garbled and I saw random characters on it.

I have changed the battery on the remote, switched ports on my switch, changed the cat5 cable, etc. and I now at my wits end. Any thoughts on what could be wrong and the possible fix? Appreciate the help.