View Full Version : How about TV on Radio?

2009-09-01, 13:43
I have television cable and I receive quite a number of TV stations on the TV. Sometimes I would like to just listen to TV programs while lying down and going to sleep. I think that a music service or a radio service(like RadioTime) would do well to offer TV on radio. I think it would be easy to do so because the stations are being fed to our TVs. All that would be necessary is too feed the audio to our Squeezebox. Is it already out there? I would like it and I think many others would also. What do you think?

2009-09-01, 13:47
Use a tuner card in the pc. Use the card's PC app ( or Windows Media Center) to tune to the requried channel and then use the WaveInput plugin to pick up and stream the audio into SC.

2009-09-01, 15:35
I presume you have cable or sat? Couldn't you just use the cable/sat box L/R audio out via a dual-RCA to mini-Plug cable, mini-Plug into your Boom?

2009-09-01, 22:28
I do have cable but my boom is far from the cable tv box. It is in the same room as the pc. I am not sure I understand the tuner card method. Where do .I get a tuner card? I am use to ordering thru Dell. Thanks.

2009-09-01, 23:49
The type of card you buy/need will depend on the signal type such as HD/SD and whether analogue terrestrial, digital terrestrial or digital satellite.

Market leader is Hauppauge.