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Todd Fields
2004-06-22, 08:16
--- mikelis8 <mikelis8 (AT) charter (DOT) net> wrote:
> I have a question for everyone. With all the issues
> I read about in this
> forum with squeezebox, slimserver and more,
> why would I ever consider owning one? When I first

Remember these guys are all running the beta version
of the software as Slim Devices is kind of enough to
make the latest version available daily (who else does
that?) As such you are going to see people reporting
more problems.

Also, the more technical people seem to be on this
list so you have a lot of people trying to do things
other than your average run of the mill setup and uses
for the Squeezebox. They would never be able to as
easily accomplish these things with a different device
because they would not have the open access of
SlimServer nor the hands on support of Slim Devices
and this group.

Finally, as most people have pointed out, its the
people with problems that yell the loudest. For every
person having a problem there are countless that are
doing just fine. I typically only run the official
releases as opposed to the beta versions of SlimServer
and I've not had a problem. I'll notice a bug every
now and then, nothing major, but when I report it it's
fixed almost immediately.

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