View Full Version : Why would I want one?

2004-06-22, 08:06
Once I get it to the point where it doesn't barf at random times during
the scan...sure thing!

I think it has something to do with the way I'm trying to embed
thumbnails of the album art in the listing. But, I'll figure it out
and post the script someplace for all to test out...


>>> jeff (AT) thetank (DOT) org 6/22/2004 10:46:27 AM >>>
Mind sharing your perl script for making your printed booklet? I have
been toying with the idea of making one myself.


> Because people rarely comment when they are happy.
> You'll notice that there are probably under 10 people that post issues.
> There are far more people trying to help them than people that are
> having the problem.
> I've been a happy slimp3/squeezebox user for quite some time.
> I can sync players, control them from any computer, stream
> mp3s and flacs, plus other 3rd party plug-ins.
> I see very few of the problems that most of the people are having.
> I use the standard distribution server software and firmware,
> running it all on Linux. I also run iTunes on Windows and have
> been playing around with putting the xml iTunes file on to
> my linux box and enabling iTunes support under linux.
> I have had no outages, and people that have been over to
> my place for parties have loved the setup.
> I have a little perl script that parses the directories and I have
> a printed booklet that summarizes all the music I have so people
> can choose what they want. Sometimes they ask if I am able to
> stream the music over the internet to their work computer.
> I think I've managed to surprise a few people with softsqueeze.
> I think I have between 10 and 15 people that connect to my machine
> to listen to music each day.
> Now that would be cool. Have playlists based on what device is connecting
> to the server. Or based somehow on some sort of login?
> Paul
>>>>mikelis8 (AT) charter (DOT) net 6/22/2004 10:10:07 AM >>>
> I have a question for everyone. With all the issues I read about in this
> forum with squeezebox, slimserver and more,
> why would I ever consider owning one? When I first heard about the device, I
> was all excited to purchase it, but then I started reading the hundreds of
> messages posted about problems folks are having and now I have second
> thoughts. It sounds like way too much trouble to bother with.
> James