View Full Version : Multi-Player Starting Points

2009-08-31, 11:21
I am using an array of products, from Softsqueeze, to Squeezebox3, to the Duet over wireless connection. I have noticed that when i try to play all of them, they are sometimes off by as little as a halfbeat or even less, but it still noticeable. Is there a way for me to set the server so that each player plays the music seamlessly, without the misses on the beats?
Thank you.

2009-08-31, 12:04
My first suggestion is to try it using hardware players only (no SoftSqueeze or SqueezePlay or squeezeslave). My second suggestion is to be sure you are using SqueezeCenter 7.3.3 or 7.3.4. Big improvements were made to the sync code in 7.3, so that now sync'ing of hardware players should be very robust.

If your hardware players won't sync with each other, then you might have issues of an underpowered server. You don't mention your server specs, how many players you are trying to sync, or even what codec you are using. All of these have a bearing on sync performance as well.

If your hardware players sync fine, then the problem is only with SoftSqueeze. The bad news is that sync with software players is not assured because of latencies with sound cards, drivers, OS, and other things that SC cannot control. Sometimes sync with software players can be improved by fiddling with the sync settings in SC, but more often you'll be stuck with the kind of "almost-sync" that you have now. The only sure solution is to use hardware players.