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2009-08-29, 17:28
My Squeezebox IR remote has just given up on me. I've been able to program some other universal remote to work with the player when it's connected to Squeezecenter (using the infrared code for the JVC DVD player), but not when it's directly linked up to Squeezenetwork.

It's as though each connection (Squeezecenter and Squeezenetwork) has a different infrared settings. I've tried various JVC-related IR settings, but to no avail.

As suggested in another posting, I opened up the old Squeezebox IR remote, so as to check whether the wire contacts were still in working order. I could find nothing wrong.

Any suggestions, or information about the IR settings for the Squeezebox running Squeezenetwork ? Any feedback would be appreciated.

I want to avoid buying another remote from Logitech, as the shipping charges cost even more than their cheaper "back-lit" remote.

2009-08-30, 03:56
I can assure you a universal IR remote can and does work with all SB players that have IR control on both SC and SN.
Go to your SN account online, go to Players > Settings > Remote Control
and make sure the JVC DVD remote option is selected.

Teus de Jong
2009-08-30, 04:22
My Harmony works here with a SB3 and a transporter, also when I play music from internet radio (which -- I admit -- is not very often). I can even upgrade the firmware of the transporter these days with the Harmony (which didn't work in the past). So it should just work. I looked at the settings toby10 mentions and the JVC DVD check box is checked here also.


2009-08-30, 07:40
Yes, now it works. I had no idea you had to online to set up the remote that way. Thanks to toby10 for his (quick) input.