View Full Version : 5.2 release candidate w/ firmware v.26

2004-06-21, 14:20
Yes, exactly :-) sorry perhaps I was not clear sorry, so to clarify: I am indeed "telling" the squeezebox to pause and then unpausing after a long time and the music doesn't restart... actually it restarts for half a sec and then mute. I specifically tested that because you were saying that 26 was solving it.


Sean Adams <sadams (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:

Hang on a sec - I wasn't following you there.

I thought you were saying that you we're hearing long pauses in the
playback. You meant that after *telling* it to pause and then unpausing
after a long time, it doesn't start up, right?

That's supposed to be fixed in firmware 26. I confirmed the fix on
Cygwin (with Win2K) and also Linux. I did not test specifically with
WinXP with PCM files. I'll check it out.

On Jun 21, 2004, at 1:54 PM, Philip Meyer wrote:

>> However I still have problems with long pauses, when I try to
>> restart, the music comes back for less then a second then the buffer
>> goes empty and the music stops. Funny enough the elapse time continue
>> to progress, at this stage pausing/unpausing doesn't help, the buffer
>> remains empty. Pressing the play button works, the track restarts.
> I have seen similar problems on my setup. I'm using 5.1.6
> (21/06/2004) - WinXP Pro SP1.
> I paused an .mp3 file on the SqueezeBox. I went to my PC to check
> emails, etc. After a while, I used SlimServer web interface to
> restart. I pressed pause. I returned to the lounge and there was no
> sound. I pressed pause a few times via the SqueezeBox remote. The
> SqueezeBox display toggled between "Now Playing" and paused displays.
> I then pressed the play, and the track started from the beginning.
> Phil