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2009-08-28, 06:10
which is richboradio.com, might have to close up in a week due to the cost of doing business on the internet. They are asking for donations to keep going.

I am hoping not to violate Forum procedure too much with this, so please make allowances.

If you are a semi-refugee from XM 50s and 60s like me, then Richbroradio.com is the station for you. A touch of the way 50s and 60s USED to be on XM – great playlist, the hit MORs, a little doo wop, a little rockabilly and a whole lot of 50s and 60s (briefly into the early 70s once in a while…) including the occasional WOW song. No DJs, and many radio station IDs/jingles from around the nation. Just about a perfect station for me.

Please give a listen and help if you can. You can get there from RadioTime or directly using the url.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I listen all day long and they play great music!

2 – SBC, 2 Booms, 1 R, 2 C, 1 SoundBridge, itouch/ipeng, 3 XMs

2009-08-28, 06:53
I'm a big fan of Internet Radio and hate to see any stop streaming online, but RichBroRadio streams at a lowly 64k mp3. Just doing a very quick Genre search of 50's & 60's within ShoutCast returns well over 50 stations streaming at 128k mp3 or better.

I wish them well in their pledge drive but 128k as mp3 is my cutoff for music streaming quality (96k streams allowed as a *rare* exception for particular streams).