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2009-08-27, 16:38
What is involved with taking my Squeezebox to another location? I was thinking of taking it to a friend's house or a hi-fi club meeting for a demo.

This is assuming there is a wireless router at the location and the network password is available. I would want to use Squeezenetwork to access Rhapsody, Pandora, etc. I wasn't planning on having a computer with SqueezeCenter, although that would also be an option if someone brought a laptop, allowing for higher quality flac files to be played.

If the Squeezebox sees a new wireless network, can I just enter the password for the router and be up and running, or does anything else need updating like the player PIN, etc to operate on a new network? Of course I would also like it to work when I brought it back home on my own wireless network.

There's also a meetup of headphone enthusiasts in Houston scheduled in October and I would like to have the Squeezebox operational there. One guy says he will have his mobile phone set up to serve as a wireless router on Sprints 3G network. It would be cool if I could get my Squeezebox to work through that, assuming he has sufficient bandwidth.

I think I could generate some good exposure for both the Squeezebox and Rhapsody at these events. I certainly believe they are great products and would love to share the experience with other people.

2009-08-27, 16:41
Just run back through network setup (hold left to enter setup) and you should be set. You'll have to re-enter your wireless password at home as it only remembers one at a time.

2009-08-27, 16:44
Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to several good demo experiences.

2009-08-28, 14:36
Just run back through network setup (hold left to enter setup) and you should be set. You'll have to re-enter your wireless password at home as it only remembers one at a time.

1. You will need your home IP address. Go to Whatismyip.com. This is the address you will put into the setup screen.
2. You will need to configure your cable/DSL modem to direct Ports 9000/tcp and 3483/tcp to the PC running SqueezeCenter. If your SC PC is connected via wireless or is plugged-into the wifi router, you will tell your cable/DSL modem to send those ports to the IP of your router and then tell your router to send them to your PC. The router's address will be the "gateway" shown by ipconfig in Winders or ifconfig in Linux (run in a command box/terminal.) Enter the address of the gateway into your browser HTTP://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to get to the router's configuration. Somewhere there, in the status, you will find the IP of the cable/DSL modem. It will be shown as the "gateway" and will be different from the gateway address of the router. HTTP://zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz to get to the cable/DSL modem's setup screen.
3. Depending on the bitrate of the music you want to play, you may need to install LAME.EXE (in the folder with FLAC.EXE) and set the player's AUDIO to a lower bitrate.

You might want to try the setup from a neighbor's network first.

Sorry it's not so simple after all but your "box" won't find your home SC unless the path is open. Once you get the setup working, it will work from literally anywhere.

If you have a laptop running SC on the same remote wifi, your "box" should find it. I've used mine in a Holiday Inn to play from a friends Mac to the bar..


2009-08-28, 15:06
All very useful, but if you check back he was planning to avoid all that hassle by just using SN ;)