View Full Version : 5.2 release candidate w/ firmware v.26

Matt Wagner
2004-06-21, 13:52
On 6/21/04 3:20 PM, Michel Fombellida <mf22433 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> I just did the upgrade on 2 SBs, a wired and a wireless, the upgrade went
> fine.
> However I still have problems with long pauses, when I try to restart, the
> music comes back for less then a second then the buffer goes empty and the
> music stops. Funny enough the elapse time continue to progress, at this stage
> pausing/unpausing doesn't help, the buffer remains empty. Pressing the play
> button works, the track restarts.

I'll note that my long pause problem has been fixed with v26. So the new
version seems to be doing _something_ correct.