View Full Version : Orginal squeezebox not playing napster

2009-08-27, 11:36
have lastest Squeezecenter have napster plugin checked, Squeezcenter shows napster info but when i try to play song/album no sound but no error messages...any suggestions welcome thanks in advance

2009-08-27, 12:38
Just to clarify, it's a plain old Squeezebox as opposed to a Squeezebox 2?

If so I think you are out of luck. The Napster DRM decoding isn't possible on the older hardware as the SB1 only had direct hardware MP3 decoding and direct PCM passthrough.

I would have though SC would give you an error saying the service wasn't compatible with your hardware. But other than that, there is nothing that can be done save updating to a newer player.

2009-08-27, 13:48
yes it's a plain old Squeezebox... oh well it works well for eveything else thanks for the quick reply