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2004-06-21, 13:28

I only have Apple Lossless files in my library but I'll try to generate some AIFF or WAV files and I'll let you know.


Sean Adams <sadams (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:


Do you believe it's specific to Apple Lossless? Can you try playing a
regular WAV or AIFF file?


On Jun 21, 2004, at 1:20 PM, Michel Fombellida wrote:

> Hi Sean,
> I just did the upgrade on 2 SBs, a wired and a wireless, the upgrade
> went fine.
> However I still have problems with long pauses, when I try to restart,
> the music comes back for less then a second then the buffer goes empty
> and the music stops. Funny enough the elapse time continue to
> progress, at this stage pausing/unpausing doesn't help, the buffer
> remains empty. Pressing the play button works, the track restarts.
> Note that short pauses are ok.
> I am running Win XP Pro SP1, the latest nightly (with FW 26) and I use
> Apple Lossless on the server, streaming to WAV (uncompressed). On the
> wired squeezebox I use digital out and on the wireless I use the
> analog out. I see the same behaviour on both SB.
> Michel
> Sean Adams wrote:
> The nightly release has just been updated with new firmware (v.26).
> Please snag it here:
> http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly
> 5.2 is of course a big release for us - it's been in "feature freeze"
> for a long time so we expect this to be a very stable build. It is
> also
> the first release to include the v.2x series firmware.
> Fixes in firmware v.26 are:
> 1) back-out a change to TCP which was reducing throughput for PCM
> streaming
> 2) fix pausing so it doesn't lose the connection if paused for a long
> time
> *** Most important thing we need feedback on for this nightly: if
> you've had problems with firmware updates in the past, they should be
> completely fixed now - so please just confirm that it works okay
> upgrading from v.25 to v.26. The process is totally solid now as far
> as
> I know - but if you have! a problem please contact me right away.
> Thanks,
> Sean