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2009-08-26, 05:01
Since my 2nd Jetway J7F2WE2G mobo flamed out, I've been on the hunt for a replacement for my Ubuntu-based Psile box.
As I don't know much about motherboards, I'm hoping to get some advice from more knowledgable members on the forum. The machine does little other than run 4 squeezeboxes, connected via ethernet. Essentially I'm looking for a board that's more reliable, not over-spec'd (e.g. with gaming-style video capability) , but has enough guts to run the SBs without 'juddering'. A number of suppliers have come up with different options, including...



(this one doesn't have a CPU included...doesn't that mean it wouldn't really work!)


Also, any advice on the minimum amount of RAM to include would be a huge help.

Can anyone offer some advice?



2009-08-26, 05:57
I always look here http://www.mini-itx.com/ for the latest news and reviews on mini-itx boards. What about that new Zotac ION-ITX coupled with a dual core?

2009-08-26, 06:34
To be honest, I looked at those Atom, Via, etc. boards and wasn't impressed. I ended up with a DG45FC and e5200. Much more capable. I can cool the whole computer with a Nexus LOW heatsink.

2009-08-26, 06:44
About a year ago I helped a friend build his HTPC based on a Commell LV677. Maybe Commell has something new that might interest you.


Look towards to bottom of the page

2009-09-01, 08:07
The Intel D945GSEJT http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=12472
It's used in these PCs http://www.aleutia.com/products/t1 and http://www.tranquilpc-shop.co.uk/acatalog/T3N.html#a25

It only uses about 10W, it's fanless and it uses an external power supply. Even if sound is no problem I think the lack of fans gives you one less thing to go wrong.

I think the processor should have no problems (to answer your other question), I'm running SC on a 1 GHz Via ULV with 512 MB RAM serving two Squeezeboxes.