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2004-06-21, 13:14
Have you tried changing your access point to another frequency? What model
wireless access point are you using? If you set things up to watch the
buffer level on the SB, does the buffer slowly empty out before you lose the
audio or does the entire connection drop immediately?

This problem might not have anything to do with the wireless at all, this
could be a server issue, what are the resources like on your server, have
you observed a correlation between the audio dropouts and high RAM or CPU
loads on the server?

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Hi there!

I got the wireless Squeezebox two weeks ago.
I'm using a Mac G4 OSX (latest version).
Having my music on a 500GB Lacie disk (Firewire 800).
Running the whole circus through a DLink DI-624
(802.11g/2.46Hz/108Mbps) Wireless Router.
The distance beetween the SB and DLink is about one floor or 4 meters in
air-distance. The signal on my SB stays around 60%!!

Trust me, I have all the latest updates on Slimserver and Firmware, but the
damn s... does not work. I plays for one to three minutes and it drops out
for at least 20 minutes. ALL THE TIME!!! This drives me crazy.

The soundquality seems to be ok but there is no way I will enjoy listening
to it with these dropouts.

I only wanted to stream my music without a wire from my Mac/iTunes and into
my stereo. Is that what SB was intended to do?
Am I missing something and is there somebody out there who has succeded with

I have to switch to my iBook laptop, who does the same job without any

Still hoping :)