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2004-06-21, 13:14
I might be willing to sell you my SliMP3 if you can't find one elsewhere. I
have been debating updating to a 2nd Squeezebox for better synchronization.

Email me direct, jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net and we'll discuss.

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2 for 1 bargain in this email -- you get a sad story with a moral and a plea
for help.

This weekend I had to disassemble my entire home stereo setup and move it
out of the living room so that we could do some fix-up work on the house.
Sunday night I start reassembling everything and of course hook up my SliMP3
as one of the first things so I can have music to listen to while I move the
rest of the furniture. Unfortunately I picked up the wrong power supply to
plug into the SliMP3. My wireless base station's power supply looks almost
identical to the slim one, but alas puts out very different power. Long
story short, within 30 seconds smoke was pouring out of my (now dead)
device. I almost cried. Moral of the story:
Make sure you keep the right power supply with your Slim and don't try
swapping out a different one -- it won't work.

Now for the plea. Is there any place I can get an original SliMP3? I guess
I'll buy the Squeezebox if not, but I much prefer the look of the original
one and I do not need wireless connectivity for it. Can anyone help please?

Thanks for any help,