View Full Version : Vortex box--no sound?

2009-08-24, 07:53
set up my new vortex box yesterday and successfully loaded a few cds. When I select the vortex on my squeezebox duet remote I can see the track play but get no sound. Same result if I try to play tracks from my laptop.

What am i doing wrong?

2009-08-24, 08:07
do you have a squeeze device other than the controller, or are you trying to use the controller as a player?

the vortexbox will be the sb server but you need to also select a player.


Teus de Jong
2009-08-24, 08:10
In addition: vortexbox presents itself as player, but that is squeeeslave running on the box and will only work if the audio out of the vortexbox is used. Normally -- like Stu says -- you select another player.