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Nandu Talwalkar
2004-06-21, 08:15
I don't feel that previous posts regarding styling have been fully addressed. The Squeezebox has the styling of a network appliance such as a SOHO router. The SliMP3, whose styling I prefer to the Squeezebox, has more of a "hobbyist kit" look. It seems that a non-negligible number of people would find these styles unsuitable for use in certain situations, such as in a formal living room and/or with high-end equipment. I am not knocking the current or past chassis styles, which of course have many, many suitable uses. Consider this a feature request.

Brushed metal with a component-type profile might be a start. To reduce development and manufacturing costs, maybe all the internals and external connections could remain the same, with only the chassis being replaced. For future versions, perhaps something with less depth that is wall-mountable.* I realize that all of these options can be had today with some elbow grease, but I'm willing to pay $75 to $100 for something off-the-shelf.

Do others agree? Is there any traction for this idea at Slim Devices?

* These options will bring to mind the Roku vaporware. Please don't respond with attacks on the Roku because my question has nothing to do with the Roku. I am a big fan of Slim Devices and of my SliMP3. However, a larger display option would also be nice ;-)