View Full Version : insert a short mp3 into a stream that's already playing

2009-08-23, 09:53
does the server have the capability to pause the currently playing stream, insert a short mp3, play it and resume the stream after the mp3 is done? i'm thinking about a plugin that could issue announcements in the middle of a stream and was wondering if it's technically possible to do in squeezecenter. thanks

2009-08-23, 10:03
There was a similar sounding plugin - Slim-Announce, but the author's plugin page has been down for a while.

If you could find someone who has a copy of that plugin, you could take a look and see whether it does the job for you and/or update it (suspect the original plugin may not have been updated for the 7.* branch).


2009-08-23, 13:02
thanks, but it appears as if slim-announce displays the announcement on the screen - not inserting an audio announcement

2010-01-18, 13:08
bump...still wondering