View Full Version : How can I get the SqueezeCenter Library to mirror my WM Library?

2009-08-23, 05:12
My Windows Media Library is much more organized than my Squeeze library. When I rescan my Squeeze library, it brings up a lot of fragmented Albums that show much cleaner in my Windows Media Library because in WM I've dragged and dropped the front end to clean it up...but the back end is still separate folders.

It may be a Chicken/Egg situation. Can I use WM to merge folders to adhere to the front end? Or Can the Squeeze App on my Media Smart Server "pick up" the library from WM?

I'm running 7.3.3

2009-08-23, 06:47
I don't know what Windows Media Player can do, but there are a lot of tools that can move and rename the files based on tag information. mp3tag is a free one that a lot of people here use. I happen to use J. River Media Center (they also have a free Media Jukebox app) for that kind of thing, but I also use mp3tag now and then.