View Full Version : How many of you still slide your Boom back into it's bagwhen you're done using it?

2009-08-22, 16:47
Yeah I'm that guy.

Including a storage bag like that is one of the things I love about
these products, the little touches.

Haven't figured out how to get the power supply in there without
scratching it though. :-)

Ben Sandee
2009-08-22, 17:07
Not me, mine is mounted under the kitchen cabinets.


2009-08-22, 17:08
"Done using it"? That's never a term that applies to my Boom. ;)

My booms sits on my bedside table. Clock, music player, alarm.

The bag does come in handy as a protector when I want to demo the Boom for friends or when I moved apartments a few months ago.

2009-08-22, 18:47
So, where does the power supply go?

Certainly not in the bag.

What good is the bag then? You would think there would be a place for it.

I use the bag. I think you would have an outside pocket for the extras.


2009-08-23, 03:33
Only when Boom is being used at another location away from my home.
The bag sure does help against scratches & fingerprints when I stuff it into my duffel bag for transport.

Brian Ritchie
2009-08-24, 17:23
After the first few weeks of carrying it around the house, into the garden and round to Squeezecenter'd friends, the Boom has taken up residence in the bedroom, where it's mainly used as a sort-of alarm clock (the sort I end up half-sleeping to for an hour or so before being late :-) ). The bag gets draped over it when it's not in use to keep the dust off.

-- Brian

2009-09-02, 10:33
I have one mounted and one as a bedside audio source/alarm clock being used daily. Bagging would be a waste of time.

I do use the bag to transport the bedroom Boom when we go on vacation. Into the bag it goes then into my large carry-on bag for use at the Beach House or Cabin.

2009-09-03, 02:49
I had forgotten what that bag was for. Found it recently in a drawer of miscellaneous gubbins :)

2009-09-04, 14:00
Protects my camera in camera bag.