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2009-08-22, 14:53
Hi all

I have an m-audio delta 410 PCI sound card in my Win XP box running squeezecenter.

The 410 gives me 4x stereo outs and a SPDIF out.

I am running 3x instances of squeezeslave (v0.9-65) on the same machine each set up with a discrete MAC address and set to output to three of the stereo outs on the sound card. This works great and gives me multi-zone audio along with a couple of squeezeboxes.

Now, if there is music playing on one or more of the squeezeslave players, when I launch DVD software (TheaterTek or ArcSoft Total Media Theater) on that machine, no sound is heard on the spdif output. If I quit the squeezeslave instance and restart DVD playback, sound works.

None of the squeezeslave instances address the spdif output.

Why would sound playing through squeezeslave addressing analog outputs affect didgtal playback from another application?

Here's the result of my testing. In each of the following instances, I try playing a DVD through one of the players set to output via SPDIF;

SqueezeCenter Not Running, SqueezeSalve Not Running, DVD Audio OK
SqueezeCenter Running, SqueezeSlave Not Running, DVD Audio OK
SqueezeCenter Running, SqueezeSlave Running (not playing), DVD Audio OK
SqueezeCenter Running, SqueezeSalve Running (playing), DVD Audio FAIL

Any thoughts?



2009-08-22, 19:10
It's probably a question more suited to m-audio. Do you get similar results with other applications playing audio?

2009-08-23, 03:44
You are, of course, correct.

That will teach me to jump to conclusions.

I set up Windows Media Player to play to one of the analog outputs and this too prevented SDPIF output. Should have tested that before posting!


2009-08-23, 04:30
Well, it turns out that I was using ASIO drivers for the squeezeslave devices and the DVD playback software.

M-audio does not support multi-client access via ASIO. Multi-client access is available via WDM drivers or a combination of ASIO and WDM.

I set my DVD playback software to use WDM SPDIF driver and all is well.

Now, if only squeezeslave didn't fall over so much when listening to internet radio it would be perfect for my needs....