View Full Version : New Squeezebox Boom Part Numbers?

Daryle Tilroe
2009-08-22, 07:20
I was looking around at current pricing and I've stumbled across a couple places that seem to have two different versions of the Squeezebox Boom listed. In looking further there seem to be at least four part numbers out there now. Now I'm not sure how new this is but it's the first time I have noticed it. Maybe it's always been this way with the other numbers being a code for other distribution channels, eg. Canada vs. US, or perhaps power supplies (although then the US and Canadian should be the same). However I have seen it in Canada with both numbers. Currently Logitech online in Canada and most other countries I have checked have the "newer" numbers and the US and Mexican ones have the "old" number.

The "old" name and number: 'Squeezebox Boom' P/N 930000054 (US & Mexico & some Logitech distributors in Canada)

A "newer" *name* and number: 'Squeezebox Boom (BIL)' P/N 930000061 (Canada only?)

A "newer" number: 'Squeezebox Boom' P/N 930000063 (Most of Europe?)

A "newer" number: 'Squeezebox Boom' P/N 930000083 (Australia & Asia?)

Now looking back over that it sort of makes sense since it basically follows the region split when you choose a location on the Logitech site. I'd also note that other things like the Duet have a different part number in different 'Logitech' regions so that all sort of follows. The only confusing part is that Canada gets it's own number for the Boom (and Duet and other things) and, at least on several sites, a new name with "BIL" at the end.

So what gives? Is there some minor hardware revision of the Squeezebox Boom slipping out there? Has this been around all the time? What does "BIL" stand for? A brief confirmation/explanation from Logitech high command would be appreciated. Thanks!