View Full Version : Mysterious Flac-Won't-Play problem with SlimServer

Robert Wallace
2004-06-20, 10:52

I've come across a mysterious problem: I've got a CD I ripped and encoded
to flac (using EAC and flac-1.1.0-P4) and installed in my SlimServer music
files directory. The first track plays just fine, but none of the others
will play from SlimServer. Investigating, I looked at the song's info in
SlimServer (using Fishbone) and discovered that the tune that won't play is
missing some displayed info (from the tag) that is present in the song that
will play. All the other CDs I ripped that day are OK.

Missing from SlimServer's Song Info window are: Genre, Duration, Year,
Comment, Bitrate. It shows all the other fields, including Track, which I
assume comes from the tag.

However, when I pull either song into a tag editor, the info is present in
the tag for both songs. Also, both will play in WinAmp and WinAmp's file
info also shows all the tag information.

I re-ripped and re-encoded the CD, and this time SlimServer will play all
the songs. So while this is not a problem anymore, I'm still curious what
it was about the "bad" files that kept SlimServer from playing them or
displaying all the tag information. (aside: a newly-encoded "good" file is
the same exact length as the "bad" file it replaced. Both show the same
info in a tag editor.)

I'm running the 6/18 daily of SlimServer on Win XP Home.