View Full Version : SqueezeScrobbler will not switch to 2nd LastFM account

2009-08-21, 15:58
Who could help me with this one? The SC/LastFM plugin in Squeezecenter (Synology 106) does not switch over to a new account on LastFM. It keeps trying to log on to my old account, which does not work. (According to log file) Obviously I changed the settings in SS to the new account. I did restart SS after changing the settings. Has the MAC address of my SB to do anything with this?
How van I completely remove the plug-in in order to re-install it?
The new account works OK on my PC.

Found it! It seems SC uses the login/pass of the original LastFM plugin, even if you disabled it. So you have to enable it again, change login/pass for the new ones. Do the same in the updated LastFM plugin en you are in business again.